We Build Differently

The construction phase is an exciting first step when transforming your visions into reality. At Commercial Controls, we have an amazing team of professional builders who are ready to collaborate and meet each one of our client's needs. We anticipate a dynamically shifting environment, so we centralize all key information, especially as it pertains to a budget. Thus, as plans may change, we make sure each one of our clients feel supported and taken care of throughout the entire process to make their journey as smooth as possible.

The Path to Build

As professionals, we recognize the essential components of success. To triumph each project, it is vital to keep the construction process moving, invest in quality workers, and integrate high quality results from real field experiences. One of our strongest characteristics at Commercial Controls is that we are a people-centric organization which helps us deliver quicker, smarter, and better every-single-time.

Construction services incorporate all facets of a build. What we do is integrate low voltage systems such as access control and video surveillance which are typically our most pivotal provisions. Other integrations include alarm monitoring, fire and life safety, nurse call, audio visual, and telecommunication systems. We are structured to tackle the most difficult situations because when it comes to quality and safety; we never split the difference.

Commercial Controls’ affiliation with global networks has allowed us to benefit from international quality practices. We cannot deny advancement to be ongoing process, so our prestigious linkage to the prominent National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)/National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technology (NICET) provide us with endless solutions and precautions to the world’s most daunting building predicaments. 

Technology and Information

Technical innovation in the construction industry is multifaceted. Provisioning inventive solutions can always ensure streamline processing and top-quality output. Commercial Controls' ability to view projects at a real time, replete with status updates and schedule overviews makes us unique. Our informative tools can easily dispense accurate information onto your finger tips. We ensure stakeholders feel at ease knowing they can expeditiously verify workday accomplishments.


Strict adherence to a plan with scheduled checkpoints is vital and highly valued at Commercial Controls. We consider exceptional work product to consist of great communication and an abiding interest of success. Commercial Controls executes transparently and expeditiously because we appraise our people and our processes to the highest regard.

The Importance of Testing

As veterans in the construction industry, there are many things we can expect. However, we always ensure testing is completed. Our years of experience implores us to apply the same methodology to every grand project that always focuses on exactitude. Our attention to detail allows us to generate an exact vision and outcome that aligns precisely with our client's specs and for that, testing is a pivotal role.