Historically, in the United States, large buildings like courthouses and corporal establishments functioned as a center point for the community. They stood tall with great purpose and beauty. These facilities were impressive in both form and function. The justice buildings were multi-functional, utilized to enforce the law during the daytime and to entertain in the evenings. They were placed in the very heart of the town.

In modern times, prison and courthouse construction are no longer positioned in the midst of a community. However, justice buildings continue to be well utilized. Municipalities like city halls and police stations require strategic foreplaning. At Commercial Controls, our professional team is equipped with extensive expertise in security systems, telecommunications, audio video, fire alarm and BDA systems, and are qualified to secure all government facilities to their highest regard.


Courthouse Security Systems

We offer a wealth of knowledge and deep expertise in the planning, design, and securing of federal agencies, local police departments, state highway patrols, and related specialty structures.

Corrections Facilities

We provide the tools to optimize security at prisons, corrections centers, and detention. These are modern structures that promote high-level safety.