The demand and necessity for building a learning environment that embraces technology and innovation has never been greater. There is also an increased challenge to maximize budget limitations and minimize cost. Commercial Controls is proficient in making sure that both set of needs are fulfilled. We support K-12 and higher education sectors in developing a plan that promotes scholarship across the board.

Commercial Controls’ expertise in structuring public and private grade school and university campuses is instrumental to educator and student success. Our professional teams focus on 3 core goals: scalability, adaptability, and sustainability.


In education, it is integral to engage with partners whom you can trust. Your reliance on professionals who adhere to strict deadlines and budgets is a necessity. We lead the following:

  • Private, Public, Charter, Magnet, Boarding
  • Security
  • Safety and Emergency


Implementing security at this level is a massive undertaking and requires a long-term partnership. Whether state of the art or traditional settings, we have broad expertise in new builds and renovations:

  • Student Living
  • Entertainment
  • Performing Arts
  • Parking
  • Library and Academic
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Safety & Emergency